Medicor Foundation is an independent and charitable foundation based in Liechtenstein. It was founded in 1995 thanks to a generous private initiative. Medicor Foundation is subject to the Liechtenstein Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA) and is a founding member of the Association of Charitable Foundations in Liechtenstein.

Effective International Development

Medicor Foundation focuses on international development. We select convincing projects in the fields of education, health and social care. Medicor Foundation contributes to the sustainable improvement of the wellbeing and empowerment of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in countries in Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean, as well as in Eastern Europe.

We are pleased that you have an interest in our foundation and we are looking forward to presenting ourselves and our work on the following pages.

Uganda: Young adults acquire skills and knowledge through practice-oriented short-term courses and develop business ideas, enabling them to immediately start income generating activities.